Tor On Android

  1. Install Termux from Google Playstore.

  2. Open Termux, then install tor (“pkg update && pkg install”).

  3. Run tor for tunneling:

    • Tunneling over HTTP “tor –HTTPTunnelPort 8118”.

    • For more details pls read tor docs (“pkg install man && man tor”).

  4. Install Firefox browser from Google Playstore.

  5. Open Firefox, type “about:config” in the URL bar.

  6. Set “network.proxy.type” to “1” (Configure proxy manually).

  7. Set “network.proxy.http” to “”, and “network.proxy.http.port” to “8118”.


  • DNS is not encrypted.

  • By default Tor opening socks(x) listener on

  • You can use Tor config file ($PREFIX/etc/tor/torrc) instead of passing Tor command line args.

Firefox => Tor local proxy (socks(x)/http/etc) => Tor network (proxy => proxy => proxy ….)