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Tor On Android

  1. Install Termux from Google Playstore.

  2. Open Termux, then install tor (“pkg update && pkg install”).

  3. Run tor for tunneling:

    • Tunneling over HTTP “tor –HTTPTunnelPort 8118”.

    • For more details pls read tor docs (“pkg install man && man tor”).

  4. Install Firefox browser from Google Playstore.

  5. Open Firefox, type “about:config” in the URL bar.

  6. Set “network.proxy.type” to “1” (Configure proxy manually).

  7. Set “network.proxy.http” to “”, and “network.proxy.http.port” to “8118”.


  • DNS is not encrypted.

  • By default Tor opening socks(x) listener on

  • You can use Tor config file ($PREFIX/etc/tor/torrc) instead of passing Tor command line args.

Firefox => Tor local proxy (socks(x)/http/etc) => Tor network (proxy => proxy => proxy ….)

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Unlock Nokia 3 Bootloader

  1. Enable developer options

  2. Enable OEM Unlocking (OEM Unlock)

  3. Enable USB debugging mode

  4. Change default USB configuration, choose File Transfer (MTP)

  5. Install adb and fastboot (sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot)

  6. Install nokia usb drive

  7. Connect your phone to your PC and approve all usb connection

  8. Type adb devices, then it will show the serial number

  9. Type adb reboot bootloader, then your devices will boot into fastboot mode

  10. Type fastboot devices, to make sure that your device still connected to your PC and it will show your phone serial number

  11. Type fastboot oem key $(echo -n "YOUR_PHONE_SERIAL_NUMBER" | md5sum | tr [a-z] [A-Z])

  12. Type fastboot flashing unlock, your phone will ask you about unlocking bootloader

  13. Press vol up (yes)

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